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Dieker Wedding String Performers Recording live and utilizing our PA Rental packages and mobile recording studioCheck out our latest work with the Dieker sisters! The Diekers are a trio of wonderfully talented musicians. They are willing to meet for the rehearsal and will even learn custom songs that you would like them to play in order to personalize your event. We've heard many groups over the years at weddings and other formal events and can say with confidence you cannot go wrong with this string trio. They also have beautiful voices, and between them can play cello, violin, viola, guitar, piano, and many other instruments!

The following sound cloud set is an example of an experimental recording we did at a wedding. Unfortunately it was raining so the wedding was moved inside instead of taking place outside as planned. The conditions weren't ideal, but we were able to capture some of their gift anyway!


Dieker Live Wedding by KansasCityMobileRecording

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