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Musical Groups

Here are some groups of musicians we have worked with in the past and enjoy promoting. They can perform wherever your event takes place and at any type of event, be it a wedding reception or wedding ceremony, dinner party, fundraiser, party, concert, or other type of event. These are professional musicians that we would be happy to help you book any of these acts, simply select the book tab on the left.

Nuthatch 47 at Grunauer Oktoberfest 2011 Recording live and renting our PA equipment

When it comes to international rock in Kansas City, nobody performs like Nuthatch 47! Nuthatch 47 is an extremely energetic group of performers with supremely entertaining music. The group is inspired by Russian rock and their own Russian heritage. The music is fun and exciting, and the lyrics are outrageous. These guys know how to party and keep the crowd alive, and their loyal fans who come to every event know this well.  There is no show like a Nuthatch 47 show!


Dieker Wedding String Performers Recording live and utilizing our PA Rental packages and mobile recording studioCheck out our latest work with the Dieker sisters! The Diekers are a trio of wonderfully talented musicians. They are willing to meet for the rehearsal and will even learn custom songs that you would like them to play in order to personalize your event. We've heard many groups over the years at weddings and other formal events and can say with confidence you cannot go wrong with this string trio. They also have beautiful voices, and between them can play cello, violin, viola, guitar, piano, and many other instruments!


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